Our Focus

HealthStart would be favourable predisposed towards entrepreneurs who believe in "Frugal innovation" in our focus areas, mentioned below:

Funding of new technologies, business, distribution or service delivery ideas in the healthcare and wellness space that have relevance to the Indian market

Bias towards services and technology oriented companies, web-based software companies, or healthcare process outsourcing companies that solve a genuine need or problem, be high on innovative or intellectual content, and have high growth potential

Balanced and flexible teams who have a full range of complementary skills - business, technical, and other necessary skills and most importantly the passion to succeed

Would typically have made some progress on the idea or prototypeWould typically have made some progress on the idea or prototype

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To enable and stimulate early stage innovation and entrepreneurial success, creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem that creates positive impact on the healthcare and wellness industry in India.

To identify high- potential healthcare and wellness start-ups that address meaningful industry challenges and build an affordable and inclusive healthcare system to effectively deliver quality care to millions of people in India

To provide healthcare start-ups with seed funding, mentoring, support and network to enable development and growth and significantly increase their chances of success

To provide a valuable platform for healthcare organizations, industry, research and academia to engage with innovative companies and the broader entrepreneurial community.

To facilitate the formation of unique partnerships in the healthcare and wellness space.

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