Angel Investment

Tattva offers spa and rejuvenation services in multiple locations in partnership with hospitality players through an asset light and agile delivery model

Visit us at www.tattvaspa.com

Incorporated in 2015, CapBuild is a Gurgaon based healthcare focused venture. It is an attempt to move the healthcare provider sector towards high quality, evidence driven, cost effective, and patient centric delivery, using data, analytics and technology enabled intelligent solutions. Their first product, CapPredict, is a business intelligence solution for hospitals, clinics, diagnostic labs, and healthcare chains. It provides real time descriptive and predictive dashboards on the organization's financial, operational and clinical performance.

They are a team of entrepreneurs passionate about making medical advice accessible, effective, and easy, with the help of technology. Remedico helps people with skin and hair diseases by providing them an online platform for consultation, diagnosis and treatment plans.

Accelerator Programs

Healthians.com is an online Discount & Discovery platform that helps Patients save Costs and also identify/buy the right Diagnostic Test across trusted Diagnostic brands anywhere in India.

Visit us at www.healthians.com

Gympik.com is the largest online marketplace cum ecosystem for the fitness and wellness industry in India.

Visit us at www.gympik.com

ObiNo is a Mobile Weight Loss Coach for Indians. Unlike traditional and tedious Calorie-counter apps, works like a Real-Life Coach on the Recommendation & Reminder model. Armed with proprietary tools like an Indian Meal Recommendation Engine & Diet Plan generator, ObiNo wants to help people take charge of their own Weight Loss efforts.
Targeted towards 28-36 years old healthy Adults, ObiNo's vision is to become the Mobile Avatar of a Traditional Weight Loss Coach. Download from Google Playstore

Visit us at www.obino.in

Careway Health is working on increasing productivity and efficiency in hospitals by building domain specific products.

Visit us at www.dietkare.com

KiviHealth is a health-tech startup that aims to provide an affordable,patient-centric,digital health information management system that can be used across multiple clinics,hospitals,labs and pharmacies.

With a vision for "One Patient,One Record",KiviHealth provides patients with access to their health information,brings more clarity to medical management and enable doctors to make superior medical decisions.

Visit us at www.kivihealth.com

Medicea Technology Solutions is solving the problem of real-time information flow between multiple stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain by using state-of-the-art mobile and cloud computing technology.
By integrating the end consumers, retailers, stockists, and pharmaceutical companies, iMed India promises to cut the cost of medicine distribution and eliminate waste by 40% to 60%. Download from Google Playstore.

Elth.ai, owned by Bengaluru based HCFAB Health Technologies Pvt Ltd, is an artificial intelligence based med-tech startup that aims to solve health problem discovery and be a 24×7 medical adviser to billions of people. Their natural language processing enabled bot, currently implemented on facebook messenger and on elth.ai website can understand the user's query written in plain English and suggests solutions ranging from home remedies, preventive care and tests to diet plan and even the right specialist. elth.ai generates leads to hospitals and doctors for online consultation and in-hospital appointments. It also enables doctors and hospitals to manage their appointments and other operations through Natural language commands. In essence they're bringing the next era of artificial intelligence enabled applications to Health Care, given its dire need due to abysmal doctor/staff to patient ratio in India.

TheHealthOrange is a digital media company in the health & wellness space, targeted at the Indian millennial. We have created a network of over 200 contributing experts from across 25 countries on our platform and a strong in-house content team. Our emphasis is on original, high quality and action driven content across categories such as nutrition, workouts, mental health, sexual health, parenting etc. We are currently clocking over 1 million page views/month.

Visit us at www.thehealthorange.com

Aether Biomedical is a rehab robotics startup focused on using AI to improve bio-signal processing. Their first product is a low-cost bionic limb for upper limb amputees. Zeus uses EMG signals to enable amputees to lead a normal life.

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